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Project Of David Pakeliani - “Georgia And The World”

About the book

The aim of the publication “Abkhazia-Our Homeland” is to publish book about Abkhazia that helps the reader of any generation and taste introduce Abkhazia better, find any kind of information about this region, information that was spread among scientific and other literary publications before.
The book is non-political and doesn’t contain political details. It is not published to support any political party. The book is based on real facts and history of Abkhazia.

Our publication is a kind of trial to accumulate various subjects in one space, which makes easy the reader to find everything about Abkhazia.

The book contains collection of scientific works on mythology, archeology, history and ethnography, lives of Abkhaz kings, Christianity, cultural past, cities, resorts and large settlement, economics, media, geography, natural conditions and resources, education, language and script, culture, art, literature and public figures, medicine, sport, Russian-Georgian relations, scientific, poetry and juridical status of Abkhazia.
The edition is illustrated thematically. Various kinds of contemporary technology achievements make the book more interesting and filled. It’s the first time that the most of the used material becomes available for the reader.

We think that the book takes an honorable place in every Georgian family.

The book “Abkhazia-Our Homeland” is the album of scientific- encyclopedic character the analog of which was not published before in Georgia. Here we should mention that, it is impossible to place all the information in one book, though the project management decided to publish each following books as filled editions. In the nearest future we stream to translate it in Abkhazian, English, French, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages.

The books are printed in hard cover. Have 610 pages of album format, bookmarks, box and portable bag. Gold and silver dyeing are used for printing.